Thursday, October 12, 2006

Call 4 Papers: Ethics & Representing Families

Posted by Alan Childress

UMKC's Barbara Glesner Fines, co-editor of the Family Law Prof Blog, issued this call for papers (and we appreciate her letting us know):

The UMKC Law Review invites articles for inclusion in its 2007-08 symposium issue on Ethics and the Representation of Families.

This symposium issue will focus on selected ethical issues in the representation of families (including representation in estate planning, divorce, custody, abuse & neglect and juvenile cases).  There are a number of signs that attorneys are not doing very well in rising to the challenges of practice in the unique world of representing families.  Complaints to disciplinary agencies, malpractice rates, and a public increasingly looking to other professionals to assist them in adjusting family relationships are all signs of a profession that could do a better job serving its clients. Guidance for ethical practice in these critical and challenging fields of law is thin.  The rules of professional conduct regulating attorneys conceive of legal practice in a balanced adversarial or corporate setting.  Family representation is rarely central in debates over professional regulation standards.  It is no wonder that the most prominent examples of “supplemental ethics codes” are developed in fields relating to family law practice.  This symposium issue will address some of the most difficult ethical dilemmas in representing families to provide guidance for practitioners and policy makers in developing ethical standards

The publication schedule for the symposium anticipates a December 15 deadline for article submissions.  Inquiries may be directed to the faculty symposium sponsor Professor Barbara Glesner Fines at  or 816.235.2380.

I note that this follows on the heels of UNLV's January '06 conference on a related but not necessarily synonymous topic:  ethics in representing children, which we summarized here.

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