Thursday, September 28, 2006

Comparative Legal Professions class in Greece

posted by Alan Childress

Two cherry pop-tarts, and I feel "badly" about the Iraq War.  There, I am officially a blogger. 

Mainly to practice using links and inserts, this post announces that Tulane Law School's summer school in Spetses, Greece--open to students from all law schools--includes a course in Comparative Legal Professions.  I will be teaching it (and can be reached by this corrected email).  The course description: 

Lawyers perform different roles in many countries. They are organized and regulated in various ways. Even the concept of "profession" defies a uniform label. This course explores the profession's functions and rules in nations of the civil law (including Greece, Germany, Venezuela, and Japan) and common law (UK and USA). Topics include advertising, conflicts, legal education, and advocacy.

Photo is a view from the site of Tulane's summer school programSpetses on the Greek isle of Spetses.  In addition to the above, it includes courses on international civ pro, contract theory, comparative family law, and healthcare & justice.  The 2007 session will run three weeks from June 17-July 6.  Tulane also has programs in Rhodos, Greece, as well as several other countries.  My opinion:  these programs are amazing and rewarding.  More photos from the Spetses program (spot the one with Justice Scalia?--his really great wife Maureen favors Greece) are here and that site's home [first] page.

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