Friday, August 7, 2015

Some Real Numbers on Law Review Submissions


I've been begging Expresso, the law review submission service, to share / analyze its data for many years.  They did an in-house analysis more than five years ago, and haven't updated it.   Happily, the folks at Scholastica have a good post looking at their own numbers.  

Since we're now in the fall submission season, here's the key takeaway for law readers: your odds are probably better if you submit in the spring.  Let's compare those graphs of submissions against expedites (the latter of which is probably the best measure of law review offer volume).  Note that, while submissions and "decisions" are evenly distributed between spring and fall, expedites are much more heavily concentrated in the spring.  Since decisions includes rejections for a full volume, what this tells us is that journals are accepting many more articles in the spring.  So the share of acceptances to submissions is much better in the spring season.

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