January 26, 2006

Introduction to the Law & Economics Blog



We first extend our thanks and appreciation to Paul Caron of the University of Cincinnati Law School for giving us the opportunity to edit this web-log. Several legal web-logs are already operational, both in Professor Caron’s network and in others, and some even deal with law and economics. Colleagues we have talked with, as well as students, report on the usefulness of a well-produced web-log in putting forth new ideas, concepts, theories and views, reporting results of work and in exchanging comments on current work in a matter of hours or days, instead of months or even years, as would be usual for journal publications. Many an idea for new scholarship has sprung from web-logs and timely and free-standing entries in web-logs.

The web-log that we have been fortunate enough to edit and produce is entitled “Law and Economics.” It would be appropriate in this introductory entry to clarify the scope of this particular web-log. If our ideas border on topics selected by editors of other web-logs, we hasten to assure you that we have no intention of usurping other areas or engaging in unhealthy competition.

Our notion of this particular web-log is not limited to theoretical economic analysis of law, although that area is certainly encompassed in this web journal. We also intend to include contributions dealing with (a) Law and Finance, (b) International Economic and Monetary Law, (c) Law and Socio-Economics, and most certainly (d) Applications of empirical methods to any area of the law and public policy. Contributions drawing upon other related areas, such as International Political Economy, Public Choice, Political Economy, and Industrial Organization, are also included. In sum, the scope of this web-log is very broad. The only limitation is that there be some recognizable and relevant interface between economic tools and methodology and legal or public policy issues, as these terms are commonly understood.

Ultimately, the users and contributors of this web-log will determine the future direction and primary function of these pages, and we await their wise and seasoned choices.

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