Monday, November 30, 2015

Pat Hobbs to be Rutgers Athletic Director

Really interesting career move for Pat, the former long-time dean at Seton Hall's law school.  He served as interim AD for awhile at Seton Hall when they were recovering from a scandal, so he's an inspired choice for a troubled Rutgers program.  Good luck Pat!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Good Wife Gets a Failing Grade

On the most recent episode of The Good Wife, an applicant for an associate position at a large law firm is disparaged for attending "Loyola Law School" (I assume it is Loyola Chicago, since that is where the show is set).  The partners reveal themselves to be snobs and racists, so who would want to work there anyway.  But had the show been striving for accuracy, they should have been crawling all over themselves to hire a Loyola graduate.  As Bill Henderson demonstrated a few years ago, graduates of our school who are hired by large firms become partners at a rate 6 times or more greater than graduates from elite schools (although a far higher percentage of elite school graduates are hired by such firms).  The same is true for graduates of many other strong regional schools.

Of course, the writers were probably just trying to caricature elitism in the legal profession.  And at least they weren't as bad as the New York Times!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Are Law Schools Punting on 4th and Short?

Paul Campos has an entertaining post on a very interesting psychological phenomenon in football.  Coaches of teams trailing late in a game routinely punt on fourth down when the statistical evidence is quite clear that their small chances of winning would actually be increased by trying to get a first down.  They often talk about "extending the game." They worry about doing something bold, which might fail in a very visible way, but their caution actually increases the likelihood of ultimate failure.

Although Professor Campos doesn't explicitly make the link, is this an analogy for some of the timidity in legal education as we face long odds and a dwindling clock? 

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Monday, November 2, 2015

A Happy Ending, and a New Beginning


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My teenage daughters have been "forcing" me to watch every episode of a series called Once Upon a Time. The first season of the series involves the main character's attempt to remove a dark curse that has befallen the citizens of her town.

Last week brought great news for the Charleston School of Law community.  The announcement that Ed Bell would be a new owner of the law school, and that he would serve as president of the school was almost a story book happy ending, and a new beginning. Mr. Bell, who has an outstanding reputation for his philanthropy and service, is going to convert the school to a non-profit entity. He will be paid $1 a year. 

There are still abundant challenges every law school must face in these transitional times for legal education and the legal profession, but the Charleston School of Law will have a much better chance to survive and thrive, now that the dark curse on the school has been removed.


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