Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Alterman & Pellach - Regulating Coastal Zones, International Perspectives on Land Management Instruments

Rachelle Alterman and Cygal Pellach are editors of a newly published collection entitled, "Regulating Coastal Zones:  International Perspectives on Land Management Instruments."  Sample chapters may be downloaded here.  An abstract is below (any typos are mine):

Regulating Coastal Zones is the first book to address the legal-regulatory aspects of coastal land management from a systematic cross-national comparative perspective.  The book encompasses fifteen advanced-economy countries, selected to represent three groups of legal contexts:  Eight are Mediterranean countries, most are signatories to the 2008 Mediterranean Protocol in Integrated Coastal Zone Management -- a treaty expected to be binding in international law.  Eleven countries are members of the EU (of which six are also included in the Mediterranean group).  They are parties to the EU Directive on Coastal Zone Management and its non-binding Recommendation on ICZM.  Additionally, two federal countries are included, located in different global zones.  The findings expose a surprisingly large variety of legal-regulatory instruments and practices, with highly differing degrees of effectiveness.  Although some countries have made significant progress towards implementing good ICZM principles, others fall far short.  The supra-national legislation and policies are shown to have had only limited influence.  Hopefully, the book's findings will encourage cross-national learning toward adoption of more effective legal-regulatory instruments, especially those necessary to reshape land policy and private real-property rights.  These are necessary to meet the challenges of coastal sustainability and resilience in the face of climate change.



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