Wednesday, February 10, 2021

ABA J of Affordable Hous. & Cmty. Dev. L - Apply to be next Editor-in-Chief

My term as Editor-in-Chief of the ABA’s Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law is coming to a close and we are seeking a new EIC to begin in August.  The announcement is below.  Please feel free to contact me if you are considering applying and have questions. 

ABA Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law

Accepting Applications for Next Editor-in-Chief

The ABA’s Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law is seeking applicants for its next Editor-in-Chief (EIC).  The EIC role is a two-year commitment to oversee the production of three issues per year.  The EIC works with the Journal’s editorial board to determine themes; to solicit articles and essays; and to produce the Journal’s departments, which include Heard from HUD, the Literature Digest, Letters to the Regulators, organizational profiles, book reviews, and more.

The next EIC will begin in August, 2021 with work towards the production of the Winter, 2021 issue. 

The Journal is the nation’s only law journal dedicated to affordable housing and community development law.  The Journal educates readers and provides a forum for discussion and resolution of problems in these fields by publishing articles from distinguished law professors, policy advocates and practitioners.

To apply, please submit a short statement of interest (1-2 pages) and a resume or CV to the Journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Stephen R. Miller, at Feel free to contact Prof. Miller if you have any questions about the EIC role prior to submitting an application.

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