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CFP: Housing in Rural Communities - ABA J of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law

ABA Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law

Call for Papers

Housing in Rural Communities

Drafts due March 1, 2021

The Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law (the Journal) invites articles and essays on issues related to affordable housing and community development in rural communities.  Rural housing issues are complicated and often involving multiple agencies and jurisdictions; they are also often overlooked in favor of the more obvious needs presented in urban areas.  But the housing issues facing rural areas can be daunting.  For instance, the USDA Section 515 program, once the leading source of rural housing funds, has been cut by 95% over the last few decades, and no new housing has been built under that program since 2012.  What should be done now to address housing issues in rural communities?  How do the policy needs of rural communities differ from urban areas?  How are specific rural communities, such as farm workers or those living on Native American reservations, affected by rural housing issues? 

For this issue, the Journal seeks wide participation and especially welcomes shorter essays (2,000–3,000 words).  In addition, the Journal will also continue to seek general essays (typically 2,500–6,200 words) or articles (typically 7,000–10,000 words) related to the Journal’s traditional subjects: affordable housing, fair housing and community/economic development.

The Journal is the nation’s only law journal dedicated to affordable housing and community development law.  The Journal educates readers and provides a forum for discussion and resolution of problems in these fields by publishing articles from distinguished law professors, policy advocates and practitioners.

Interested authors are encouraged to send an abstract describing their proposal as soon as possible.  Submissions of final articles and essays are due by March 1, 2021. Please email abstracts and final drafts to the Journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Stephen R. Miller, at The Journal also accepts submissions on a rolling basis. Please do not hesitate to contact the Editor with any questions.

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