Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Stein on autonomous vehicles and the sharing economy

Gregory Stein (Tennessee) writes to share two new articles:

I recently uploaded my new manuscript, The Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Urban Land Use Patterns, forthcoming in Florida State University Law Review, to SSRN.  As you can probably guess from the title, the article looks at how the long-anticipated rise of self-driving cars in the coming years will cause us to have to rethink the urban landscape.  Everything from parking requirements to the need for drop-off zones to roadway design to how cities raise revenue will be on the table, and local jurisdictions need to be thinking about these issues now.

In addition, my new article, Inequality in the Sharing Economy, has been published in the Brooklyn Law Review.  The article examines the extent to which the sharing economy, including its use of dynamic pricing, may increase existing inequalities.  Among other topics, it asks how the growth of services such as Airbnb have impacted housing supply, and other similar topics relevant to land use professors.


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