Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Podcast on short-term rental regulation (featuring me!)

I recently appeared on a podcast regarding short-term rentals at the C. Boyden Gray Center at GMU Scalia Law School.  You can listen to it here.  More about the podcast below...

Conversations about “the administrative state” usually focus on federal regulators, but for many upstart tech companies, local regulation often presents the most significant challenges. Uber and Lyft, for example, famously collided with local taxicab regulations. And “short-term rental” companies like AirBNB have faced countless regulations from countless regulators.

That is the subject of a new Gray Center Working Paper by Professor Jordan Carr Peterson (North Carolina State). In “Zoning for Disruption,” he finds that AirBNB’s arrival in a city can trigger significant regulatory responses not spurred by less-famous short-term rental companies. He describes that dynamic, and the wide range of regulations at issue.

To discuss his paper, and broader issues of regulation and short-term rentals, Adam White and Professor Peterson are joined by the University of Idaho’s Professor Stephen Miller and AirBNB’s former Head of Policy Strategy, David Owen.

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