Sunday, August 9, 2020

Call for Manuscripts - Zoning and Planning Law Report

Patricia Salkin, the editor of the Zoning and Planning Law Report is seeking 18-20 double spaced page manuscripts that are practitioner focused for upcoming monthly issues of the newsletter.  This is a wonderful opportunity to either preview work you are doing towards law review articles and book chapters, or you can excerpt recently published work and frame it for practitioner use.

In addition, if you are from New York or wish to publish something specific about either New York law or federal law with a New York focus, please submit to Patricia Salkin for the bi-monthly New York Zoning Law and Practice Report.

The reviews are quick and if appropriate for publication you will get a date.  One set of page proofs and then the articles go to publication.  They are available on Westlaw. 

Email Salkin at

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