Thursday, April 13, 2017

Outka lecture on "Shifting Energy Landscapes" - April 13 at Vermont Law - Live video

From Melissa Scanlan at Vermont Law:

In a time of dramatic energy transitions, we invite you to watch our 13th Annual Norman Williams Lecture on Land Use Planning and the Law. Uma Outka’s talk, titled “Shifting Energy Landscapes,” will address the energy sector’s dynamic, transitional, and uncertain moment through the lens of energy landscapes – the physical landscapes that narrate a shift in land use for energy in the United States, and the regulatory landscape framing the pace and ambition of the low-carbon trajectory. With a focus on renewable energy, the Lecture will highlight drivers and implications of these shifting landscapes as they bear on the goal of decarbonization and electric power. ​Uma Outka is an Associate Professor at the University of Kansas School of Law and an Affiliate Faculty member of the Environmental Studies Program and the Center for Environmental Policy at KU.

Watch live tomorrow - Thursday, April 13 - starting at 5:45 p.m. EST or check back for a recording at:

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