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Land-use law articles posted to SSRN in April

 The spring brings the fruits of an academic year's research, and that is evident in the number of articles posted to the SSRN Property, Land Use & Real Estate Law eJournal in April.  Here are the articles from April, listed here in reverse-chronological order.  As in previous months, I have separated articles from those scholars at U.S.-institutions from those at non-U.S. institutions.  I do this quickly, so I apologize for any errors.

Scholars based at U.S. institutions:

 Avoiding Atlantis: Protecting Urban Cultural Heritage from Disaster
How Cities Will Save the World, Ray Brescia and John Marshall eds, Ashgate Publishing, 2016
Ryan Rowberry 
Georgia State University - College of Law 

 Allocation Wells: Lessor's Remedies for Multi-Tract Horizontal Wells Drilled Without Pooling Authority
68 Baylor L. Rev. 101 (2016), U of Houston Law Center No. 2016-A-10
Bret Wells 
University of Houston Law Center 

 The Challenge of Inclusion
Temple Law Review, Forthcoming
Kenneth Stahl 
Chapman University - Dale Fowler School of Law 

 Affirmatively Furthering Neighborhood Choice: Vacant Property Strategies and Fair Housing
University of Memphis Law Review, Vol. 46, 2016
James J. Kelly Jr. 
Notre Dame Law School 

 Fiscal Policy and Urban Growth Challenges: US Perspectives on Property Tax Reform in Warsaw
61 Studia Iuridica (2016)
Christopher K. Odinet 
Southern University Law Center 

 Western Sparks: The Constitutionality of Federal Land Management from the Founding to the Civil War
Michael Schearer 
University of Maryland, Francis King Carey School of Law, Students 

 Reconceptualizing 'For Public Use' in the Aftermath of Horne v. Department of Agriculture
University of Detroit Mercy Law Review, Vol. 94, 2016
Joshua B Lanphear 

 Rerum Novarum: New Things and Recent Paradigms of Property Law
47 U. Pac. L. Rev. 183-197 (2016), Florida International University Legal Studies Research Paper No. 6-10
M. C. Mirow 
Florida International University (FIU) - College of Law 

Tribes and Pipelines
Lewis & Clark Law Review, Vol. 20, 2016
Nadia B. Ahmad 
Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law 

 What Is a Dedication?
Robert Ongom Cwinya-ai 
Port of New Orleans Legal Office 
Date Posted: April 20, 2016

 Formalizing Rural Land Rights in West Africa: Early Evidence from a Randomized Impact Evaluation in Benin
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 7435
Markus P. Goldstein Kenneth Houngbedji Florence Kondylis Michael O'Sullivan and Harris Selod 
World Bank , Paris School of Economics (PSE) , Columbia University - Columbia Earth Institute , World Bank and National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) 

 Securing Property Rights in Transition: Lessons from Implementation of China's Rural Land Contracting Law
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 4447
Klaus Deininger and Songqing Jin 
World Bank - Development Economics Group (DEC) and Michigan State University 

 Winfield V. City of New York: Testing the Limits of Disparate-Impact Liability after Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs V. The Inclusive Communities Project, Inc.
24 Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Development Law 287 (2015)
Andrea L. McArdle 
CUNY School of Law 

 #BlackLivesMatter, Disparate-Impact, and The Property Agenda
43 S.U. L. Rev.___ (2016)
Shanado Lamar Gardner 
Southern University Law Center 

 A Historical Perspective on Montana Property Tax: 25 Years of Statewide Appraisal and Appeal Practice
Montana Law Review, 2009
KE Powell 
Ohio Northern University - Pettit College of Law 

 Emerging Legal and Institutional Responses to Sea-Level Rise in Florida and Beyond
FSU College of Law, Public Law Research Paper No. 796
David L. Markell 
Florida State University College of Law 

 Highways, Hunters, and Section Lines: Tensions between Public Access and Private Rights
2 Great Plains Natural Resources Journal 240 (1997)
Thomas E. Simmons 
University of South Dakota School of Law 

 Towards a Greater East Side: California Political Boundary Law and Southeast Los Angeles County
California Journal of Politics and Policy, 8 (2), 2016
Ian Flannigan Sprague 
Columbia University, Law School, Students 

 The Definitive Guide to Tree Disputes in California
21 Hastings W. Nw. J. of Envtl. L. & Pol'y 113 (2015)
Ellis Raskin 
Angel Law 

 Additionality and Forest Conservation Regulation for Residential Development
Jeffrey Ferris and David A. Newburn 
University of Maryland and University of Maryland - Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics 
Date Posted: April 17, 2016

Protecting People, Protecting Places: What Environmental Litigation Conceals and Reveals About Rurality
Journal of Rural Studies, Forthcoming, UC Davis Legal Studies Research Paper No. 490
Lisa R. Pruitt and Linda Sobczynski 
University of California, Davis - School of Law and Independent 

 Vestiges of Transit: Urban Persistence at a Micro Sale
Leah Brooks and Byron F. Lutz 
McGill University and Federal Reserve Board - Research Division 

 From Today's City to Tomorrow's City: An Empirical Investigation of Urban Land Assembly
Leah Brooks and Byron F. Lutz 
McGill University and Federal Reserve Board - Research Division 

 How Taxis, Peanuts and Assault Rifles Get You a Martini for Dinner: Examining Peanut Quotas and Taxi Medallions in Consideration of Whether a Fifth Amendment Takings Claim is a Red Herring When Eliminating Alcohol License Quota Systems
DePaul Business & Commercial Law Journal, Spring 2015
KE Powell 
Ohio Northern University - Pettit College of Law 

 Climate Exactions
Maryland Law Review, Vol. 75, No. 2, 2016
J. Peter Byrne and Kathryn Zyla 
Georgetown University - Law Center and Georgetown Climate Center 

 The Illusion of Fiscal Illusion in Regulatory Takings
American University Law Review, Vol. 66, No. 1, 2016
Bethany Berger 
University of Connecticut School of Law 

Negotiating Conduct and Compensation Agreements for Coal Seam Gas Operations: Developing the Queensland Regulatory Framework
L Boulle and others, 'Negotiating Conduct and Compensation Agreements for Coal Seam Gas Operations: Developing the Queensland Regulatory Framework' (2014) 17 (1) Australasian Journal of Natural Resources Law and Policy 75-100 
Tina Hunter and Laurence Boulle 
Independent and Independent 

 Urban Forests as Weapons Against Climate Change: Lessons from California's Global Warming Solutions Act
47 Urb. Law. 387
Ellis Raskin 
Angel Law 

 How Land Use Law Impedes Transportation Innovation
David Schleicher 
Yale University - Law School 

Land Use Planning for Flood Risk: A Comparative Case of Adaptive and Precautionary Governance Systems
(2015) 17 (4) Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning 516-534
Justine Bell 

 Lived Bodies, Place, and Phenomenology: Implications for Human Rights and Environmental Justice
Journal of Human Rights and the Environment, Vol. 4, No. 2, 2013
David Seamon 
Kansas State University 

 Billy Joel: The Chronicler of the Suburbanization in New York
32 Touro L. Rev. 111 (2015), Touro Law Center Legal Studies Research Paper Series
Patricia Salkin and Irene Crisci 
Touro College - Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center and Touro Law Center 

 Searching for Fair Housing
Boston University Law Review, Forthcoming, U of Chicago, Public Law Working Paper No. 575, Kreisman Working Papers Series in Housing Law and Policy No. 34
Lee Anne Fennell 
University of Chicago - Law School 

 The Texas Property Owner Rule
In Chambers, Summer 2015, at 16.
Craig Estlinbaum 
130th Judicial District Court 

 We the Nomads: Review of Nicole Graham, Lawscape: Property, Environment, Law
‘We, the Nomads: A Review of Lawscape: Property, Environment, Law’ (2011) 7 McGill International Journal of Sustainable Development Law & Policy 233-240., 
Kirsten Anker 
McGill University - Faculty of Law 

 Defining and Closing the Hydraulic Fracturing Governance Gap
Harvard Environmental Law Review, Vol. 41, 2016 (Forthcoming)
Grace Heusner Allison Sloto and Josh Galperin 
Yale University, Law School, Students , Yale University, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Students and Yale Law School 

 Federalism, Regulatory Architecture, and the Clean Water Rule: Seeking Consensus on the Waters of the United States
Environmental Law, Vol. 46, 2016, FSU College of Law, Public Law Research Paper No. 800
Erin Ryan 
Florida State University, College of Law 

 Green Home Standards: Information and Incentives
Houston Law Review, Forthcoming, UGA Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2015-15
James Charles Smith 
University of Georgia Law School 

 Natural Baselines for Wildfire Takings Claims
Maryland Law Review, Vol. 75, No. 3, 2016, U Denver Legal Studies Research Paper No. 16-13
Justin R. Pidot 
University of Denver Sturm College of Law 

 What's the TIFF About TIF?: An Incremental Approach to Improving the Perception, Awareness, and Effectiveness of Urban Renewal in Idaho
50 Idaho Law Review 273, 2014
Spencer W. Holm 
Idaho Court of Appeals 

 Valuing Real Options in Real Estate: A Spatial Study of the Option to Redevelop
Henry J. Munneke 
University of Georgia - Department of Insurance, Legal Studies, Real Estate 

 Resetting the Baseline of Ownership: Takings and Investor Expectations After the Bailouts
Maryland Law Review, Vol. 75, No. 722, 2016, Fordham Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2756158
Nestor M. Davidson 
Fordham University School of Law 

 Patents as Commercial Assets in Political, Legal, and Social Context
Tulsa Law Review, Vol. 51, No. 2, pp. 453-468, 2015, George Mason Legal Studies Research Paper No. LS 16-18
Adam Mossoff 
George Mason University School of Law 

Law and Politics in the Constitutional Delineation of Indigenous Property Rights in 1840s New Zealand
Shaunnagh Dorsett and Ian Hunter eds., Law and Politics in British Colonial Thought: Transpositions of Empire (Palgrave, New York, 2010), 249-268
Mark Hickford 

Scholars based at non-U.S. institutions:

 Ownership Rights
J. Sytsma & J. W. Buckwalter (Eds.), A companion to experimental philosophy. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell
Shaylene Nancekivell J. Charles Millar Pauline Summers and Ori Friedman 
University of Waterloo , University of Waterloo , University of Waterloo and University of Waterloo - Department of Psychology 

Sinai Mülkiyet Haklarina İlişkin Kanun Hükmünde Kararnamelerin Anayasa'ya Uygunluğu Sorunu (Constitutionality Issue of Decree Laws Pertaining to Industrial Property Rights)
Legal Hukuk Dergisi, 2016, C. 14, S. 160, P. 1861-1902
Salih Polater 

 LA RESPONSABILIDAD SOCIAL DE LA PROPIEDAD (The Social Responsibility of Ownership)
IESE Business School Working Paper No. WP-1132
Antonio Argandoña 
University of Navarra - IESE Business School 
Date Posted: April 28, 2016

 Gains and Losses in Ecosystem Services: Trade-Off and Efficiency Perspectives
Trung Thanh Nguyen 
Leibniz Universität Hannover 

 The Politics of Chinese Land: Partial Reform, Vested Interests and Small Property
Columbia Journal of Asian Law, Vol. 29, No. 1, pp. 70-113, 2016
Shitong Qiao 
University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law 

Smart Urban Development: Visions, Institutions and Mechanisms
Simon Huston 
Royal Agricultural University 

 The Adequacy of the Law in Satisfying Society's Expectations For Major Projects
(2015) 32 EPLJ 182
Brian Preston 
Land and Environment Court of New South Wales 

 Protected Areas in the Courts: An Overview
[2015] 11 Resource Management Theory & Practice 22
Brian Preston 
Land and Environment Court of New South Wales 

 Determining Minimum Compensation for Lost Farmland: A Theory-Based Impact Evaluation of a Land Grab in Sierra Leone
Hansen, Marc Victor, Conteh, Mohamed Sorrie, Shakya, Martina and Loewenstein, Wilhelm, Determining Minimum Compensation for Lost Farmland: A Theory-Based Impact Evaluation of a Land Grab in Sierra Leone. IEE Working Paper 211. Bochum 2016
Marc Victor Hansen Mohamed Sorrie Conteh Martina Shakya and Wilhelm Loewenstein 
Ruhr Universität Bochum - Institute of Development Research and Development Policy , Independent author , Institute of Development Research and Development Policy and Ruhr Universität Bochum - Institute of Development Research and Development Policy 

The Recording and Management of Indigenous Lands and Title: Is Reform Required?
(2015) 24 Australian Property Law Journal 235-255 
Margaret A. Stephenson and Maureen Tehan 
The University of Queensland - T.C. Beirne School of Law and Melbourne Law School 

 A Confucian Theory of Property
Tsinghua China Law Review, Forthcoming
Norman P. Ho 
Peking University School of Transnational Law 

 New Rules on Liability for Inheritance Debts in Poland: Road to a Single European Law?
European Review of Private Law 2/2016
Mariusz Załucki 
Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Kracow University 

 What Do the Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights Tell About Property Rights Across Europe?
David Gomtsyan and Suren Gomtsian 
University of Turin and Tilburg Law School 

 Ruminations on the Problems with the Resource Management Act 1991
New Zealand Law Journal, March 2016
Sir Geoffrey Palmer QC 
Victoria University of Wellington - Faculty of Law 

 The Concept of 'Indirect Expropriation', its Appearance in the International System and its Effects in the Regulatory Activity of Governments
Civlizar Ciencias Sociales y Humanas - Unievrsidad Sergio Arboleda Volumen 11 No. 21
Enrique Prieto Rios and Courtenay Barklem 
Universidad de los Andes and University of Manchester 

 The Residency Discount for Rents in Germany and the Tenancy Law Reform Act 2001: Evidence from Quantile Regressions
ZEW - Centre for European Economic Research Discussion Paper No. 16-012
Bernd Fitzenberger and Benjamin Fuchs 
Humboldt University of Berlin - School of Business and Economics and University of Hohenheim 

 Industrial Displacements and Human Rights
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2012, ISBN-10: 3848480166 ISBN-13: 978-3848480166 
Ratnakar Mishra Sujata Mangaraj and Rabi N. Subudhi 
National Institute of Science & Technology , Regional College of Management, Bhubaneswar and KIIT University - School of Management 

Framing and Reframing the Agōn Contesting Narratives and Counternarratives on Māori Property Rights and Political Constitutionalism, 1840-1861
Saliha Belmessous ed., Native Claims: Indigenous Law against Empire, 1500-1920 (Oxford University Press, Oxford and New York, 2011)
Mark Hickford 
Victoria University of Wellington - Faculty of Law 

 Property Division: Lessons from New Zealand
In Panagiotis I Kanellopoulos, Elini Nina-Pazarzi and Cornelia Delouka-Inglessi (eds) Essays in Honor of Penelope Agallopoulou (Athens, Ant N Sakkoulas, 2011) pp 129-151.
Bill Atkin 
Victoria University of Wellington - Faculty of Law

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