Sunday, March 6, 2016

Webcast tomorrow at 6:30 pm Mountain: A grassroots discussion on fracking by the mayor of Dish, Texas

This is a local event about fracking, but since it is being webcast, I am posting it here.  Fracking has just come to Idaho and, with uncertain reserves, it is unclear what role it will play in Idaho's future.  For those around the country with an interest in what grassroots organizations around fracking look and sound like, I thought this could be a way in...without having to leave your computer.  Here is the info:

Tomorrow, Monday, March 7th, Citizens Allied for Integrity and Accountability - C.A.I.A. - is bringing the former Mayor of Dish, TX, Calvin Tillman, to speak at the Lincoln Auditorium at the Statehouse in Boise at 6:30 p.m. (flier attached).  Calvin now sits on the Aubrey City Council and has years of firsthand experience with oil and gas development in his capacity as an elected official and impacted homeowner/father.

Any help you can help you can give us in spreading the word would be much appreciated!  THIS EVENT IS BEING LIVE-STREAMED!  Here's the link.   There isn't a person in the country who will not benefit from hearing Calvin speak.  Even if you are pro-oil and gas, you need to hear what he has to say to protect yourself and get favorable leasing term.  In case the link doesn't work for you:

SB1339 will probably be voted on by the full house on Monday.  If you haven't written/contacted your lawmakers it's not too late.  For those of you on the Eastern side of the state (or Central/Northern Idaho) this bill WILL affect YOU and YOUR property rights also!  If you need a list of talking points, email me and I'll send them!

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