Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Warm Cookies of the Revolution and the advent of the civic health club

 At the Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute's annual conference earlier this month, I  was delighted to hear a presentation by the "civic health" group Warm Cookies of the Revolution.  They led a lunchtime group in an exercise that began with answering the following:

Warm Cookies handout_Page_1

Then, after a discussion of our answers as to what we "own," we then flipped over the page and talked about these other types of things that we also "own" but that have a public character we seldom consider.

Warm Cookies handout_Page_2

It seemed to me a valuable exercise that could be right for a land use class or a state and local government class to get students thinking.  More on Warm Cookies of the Revolution in the video below:

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