Wednesday, January 20, 2016

WSJ: GE Among Dozens of Corporate Giants Fleeing Suburbs for Urban Centers

The Wall Street Journal had a nice piece last week about GE's decision to leave its leafy office park headquarters in Connecticut and head for the bright lights of Boston:

In selecting Boston as its new home base, General Electric Co. will join dozens of corporate giants forsaking the suburbs for urban centers.

The trend is accelerating, experts say, due to employers’ thirst for the kind of educated, technologically-savvy workers who are clustering in cities such as Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Suburban office parks are falling out of favor as companies recognize their locations affect their ability to compete for skilled workers, said Patrick Phillips, global chief executive of the Urban Land Institute, a land-use think tank. “GE is such a high-profile example that it will underscore this trend.”

Rest of the article here.

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