Sunday, December 20, 2015

ABA seeks pro bono experts to work with Cambodia on Environmental Code, including sustainability and land use planning

This just came across the ABA International Law listserv; I thought it might interest some readers.  Cambodia is seeking pro bono legal advice on drafting environmental codes.  Of particular interest to readers of this blog, they list particular needs in the following:

  • Development of sustainable cities and urban environments
  • Urban land use, planning and zoning; traffic and transportation issues

Here is the full announcement:

Dear Members,

UNDP Cambodia has received a request from the Ministry of Environment of Cambodia for pro bono experts to provide technical inputs and advice in its process to create a new comprehensive Environmental Code. The Code will create a unifying legal framework for all matters pertaining to environmental protection and natural resources conservation. The Code will emphasize four pillars: environmental protection, biodiversity conservation, protection and management of cultural heritage, and environmental assessment.

Action Deadline: Send resumes to and Tep Neth, Deputy Manager, at Vishnu Law Group (  by Friday, January 8, 2016.  Please CC Kim Smaczniak (ABA SIL IELC Past-Chair, Rule of Law Vice-Chair) , at  

Please indicate your expertise area based on the attached need list. Those items highlighted in yellow indicate the highest areas of need.

For More Information: Please email Kim Smaczniak  at

The ABA SIL IEL committee would like to support this pro bono initiative. The Committee may be able to serve a coordinating role so that volunteers from our Committee can also share their work product with other members of the Committee for feedback before it is sent to the Cambodian Public Interest Law Group.

Download TOF UNDP Cambodia Environmental Code

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