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CFP: Detroit Mercy Law Review Symposium: The Past, Present, and Future of Detroit

Here is the CFP as a PDF:   Download Detroit Mercy Law Symposium CFP

Text of CFP below:

The University of Detroit Mercy Law Review is celebrating its 100th anniversary with an
academic Symposium to be held on March 4, 2016. This Symposium will showcase the past,
present, and future of the City of Detroit, and will gather scholars, policy makers, and
community members to discuss the past, present, and future of Detroit.
Articles submitted may focus either on a specific era – past, present, or future – or they may trace a specific subject through the past, present, and propose future solutions. Specific topics could include, but are not limited to:

1. The Past
o Civil rights and race relations
o Labor law
o Relationship between the City and the suburbs (or the rest of Michigan)
2. The Present
o The Impact of the Bankruptcy
o Efforts to eradicate blight and abandoned buildings
o Public Education in Detroit
3. The Future
o Impact of new developments on the future of Detroit
o Relations between the City and the suburbs
o The role of the law in developing new economic opportunities

The Law Review invites interested individuals to submit an abstract for an opportunity to present at the Symposium. Those interested should send an abstract of 250-300 words that details their proposed topic and presentation. Included with the abstract should be the author’s name, contact information, and a copy of their resume/curriculum vitae. Since the above list of topics is nonexhaustive, the University of Detroit Law Review encourages all interested parties to develop

their own topic to present at the Symposium. In addition, while submitting an article for
publication is not required to present at the Symposium, the Law Review encourages all speakerswho are selected to submit a piece for publication in the Fall 2016 edition of the Law Review.

The deadline for abstract submissions is October 26, 2015. Individuals selected to present at the Symposium will be contacted by November 2. Law Review editorial staff will contact those
selected for publication at a later date regarding details and deadlines for full-length publication. The submissions, and any questions regarding the Symposium or the abstract process, should be directed to Law Review Centennial Symposium Director Katherine Ross at

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Land use law-related articles posted on SSRN in September

It's the beginning of a new month, which means it is time to check in on all of the land use law-related articles posted to the SSRN Property, Land Use & Real Estate Law eJournal in September.  The articles below are in reverse order of posting (i.e., those at the top were posted later in the month) and, thus, the order bears no relation to downloads.

This month there were also a large number of international land use-law related articles.  As I have in previous months, I have divided the list into two parts.  First, I present those land use law articles posted to the eJournal written by U.S. scholars; second, that list is followed by articles posted to the eJournal by non-U.S. scholars.  This seemed to make sense to me, though I welcome your thoughts on whether this division is valuable or perhaps creates artificial divides between an increasingly global academic community.

Articles by U.S. scholars:

 Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on the Built Environment Under NEPA and State EIA Laws: A Survey of Current Practices and Recommendations for Model Protocols
Jessica A. Wentz 
Columbia University - Law School 

 Potential Liability of Governments for Failure to Prepare for Climate Change
Jennifer Klein 
Columbia University - Sabin Center for Climate Change Law 

 Property Tax Limits and Female Labor Supply: Evidence from the Housing Boom and Bust
Shimeng Liu 
University of Southern California 

 The State's Right to Property Under International Law
Yale Law Journal, Vol. 125, 2016 (Forthcoming)
Peter Tzeng 
Yale Law School 

 Co-Location, Co-Location, Co-Location: Land Use and Housing Priorities Reimagined
39 Vermont Law Review 925 (2015), Kreisman Working Papers Series in Housing Law and Policy No. 24, U of Chicago, Public Law Working Paper No. 547
Lee Anne Fennell 
University of Chicago Law School 

 Gentrification: The Class Conflict Over Urban Space Moves into the Courts
Fordham Urban Law Journal, Vol. 10, No. 2, 1981
Harold A. McDougall 
Howard University School of Law 

 Novel Takings Theories: Testing the Boundaries of Property Rights Claims
4 Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Conference Journal 39 (2015)
James S. Burling 
Pacific Legal Foundation 

 Why a New Uniform Equitable Distribution Jurisdiction Act is Needed to Reduce Forum Shopping in Divorce Litigation
49 Family Law Quarterly 359 (2015), U of Houston Law Center No. 2015-A-20
J. Thomas Oldham 
University of Houston Law Center 

 Antimonopoly in Public Land Law
Michael C. Blumm and Kara Tebeau 
Lewis & Clark Law School and Lewis & Clark Law School 
 The Dominant Mineral Estate in the Horizontal Well Context: Time to Extend Moser Horizontally
53 Hous. L. Rev. 193 (2015), U of Houston Law Center No. 2015-A-19
Bret Wells 
University of Houston Law Center 

 Teaching an Old Dog a New Trick: Examining the Intersection of the Accommodation Doctrine and Groundwater Rights Through the Lens of Lubbock v. Coyote Lake Ranch, LLC.
Texas A&M Law Review, Forthcoming
Brent Robert Dore 
Texas A&M University (TAMU), School of Law, Students 

 No Competing Theory of Constitutional Interpretation Justifies Regulatory Takings Ideology
Andrew William Schwartz 
Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger LLP 

 Doing a Double Take: Rail-Trail Takings Litigation in the Post-Brandt Trust Era
39 Vt. L. Rev. 703 (2015)
Danaya C. Wright 
University of Florida Levin College of Law 

 Land Shark at the Door? Why and How States Should Regulate Landmen
Fordham Environmental Law Journal, Forthcoming
Ann M. Eisenberg 
West Virginia University, College of Law, Students 

 Interpreting Conservation Easements
29 Probate & Property 30 (2015)
Nancy A. McLaughlin 
University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law 

 Sacred in the City: The Huron Indian Cemetery and the Preservation Laws
John W. Ragsdale 
University of Missouri at Kansas City - School of Law 

 Bryant Park as a Site of Production: Revenue and Social Control
Oñati Socio-Legal Series, Forthcoming,
Emily Kaufman 
University of Kentucky 

 Divine Sovereignty, Indian Property Law, and the Dispute Over the Padmanabhaswamy Temple
Modern Asian Studies, 2016
Deepa Das Acevedo 
University of Chicago 

 Owning Red: A Theory of Indian (Cultural) Appropriation
Forthcoming Texas Law Review (2016)
Angela Riley and Kristen A. Carpenter 
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and University of Colorado Law School 

 Rolling Back the Tide: Toward an Individual Mandate for Flood Insurance
Fordham Environmental Law Journal, Vol. 26, No. 2, 2015
Alexander B. Lemann 
Georgetown University Law Center 

 Validity of Superfund Liens
Roger Bernhardt 
Golden Gate University - School of Law 

 Notices of Abatement vs Defects of Title
Roger Bernhardt 
Golden Gate University - School of Law 

 Attempting to Collect on Barred Mortgages
Roger Bernhardt 
Golden Gate University - School of Law 

 Variances & Hardship
Real Property Law Reporter (Cal CEB [May 2015)
Roger Bernhardt 
Golden Gate University - School of Law 

 Lessons Not to Learn About Merger
Real Property Law Reporter (Cal CEB [July 2015)
Roger Bernhardt 
Golden Gate University - School of Law 

 Potential Tort Liability for Personal Use of Drone Aircraft
St. Mary’s Law Journal, Vol. 46:573, 2015, 
Benjamin D. Mathews 

 Environmental Review as an Incentive for Parking Provision in New York and California: Moving from Conservatism to Conservation
41 Transportation Law Journal 157 (2014).
Noah M Kazis 

 Public Actors, Private Law: Local Governments’ Use of Covenants to Regulate Land Use
Yale Law Journal, Vol. 124, No. 5, 2015
Noah M Kazis 

 Articles by non-U.S. scholars:

 Mitigation, Specific Performance and the Property Developer: A Case Comment on Southcott Estates Inc. v. Toronto Catholic School Board

(2013) 51 Alberta Law Review 165-180
Jeff Berryman 
University of Windsor - Faculty of Law 

Does Unconventional Gas Require Unconventional Ownership? An Analysis of the Functionality of Ownership Frameworks for Unconventional Gas Development
Pittsburgh Journal of Environmental and Public Health Law, Vol 8, Issue 1, Winter 2013
Samantha Jane Hepburn 
Deakin University - Deakin Law School 

 Judicial Conservatism V. Economic Liberalism: Anatomy of a Nuisance Case
13 Isr. L. Rev. 298 (1978)
David Kretzmer 
Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

 The Nature and Scope of Rights of Removal
Property Law Review, vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 123-138
Samantha Jane Hepburn and Steve Jaynes 
Deakin University - Deakin Law School and Deakin University - Deakin Business School 

Ownership Models for Geological Sequestration: A Comparison of the Emergent Regulatory Models in Australia and the United States
Environmental Law Reporter, Vol. 44, No. 4, 2014
Samantha Jane Hepburn 
Deakin University - Deakin Law School 

 The Practical Choice for Real Property Tax Reform
Journal of Chinese Tax and Policy, Vol. 4, Special, pp.114-122, April 2014
Yansheng Zhu 
Xiamen University 

 More Safeguards Instead of a Ban of Economic Development Takings: The Kelo Case from a German Perspective
B Hoops, EJ Marais, H Mostert, JAMA Sluysmans, LCA Verstappen (eds), Rethinking Expropriation Law II, Context, Criteria, and Consequences of Expropriation, The Hague, Boom (2015 Forthcoming), University of Groningen Faculty of Law Research Paper 2015/36
Björn Hoops 
Faculty of Law, University of Groningen 

Statutory Verification of Water Rights: The 'Insuperable' Difficulties of Propertising Water Entitlements

Australian Property Law Journal, 2010
Samantha Jane Hepburn 
Deakin University - Deakin Law School 

 Native Title Rights in the Territorial Sea and Beyond: Exclusivity and Commerce in the Akiba Decision
University of New South Wales Law Journal, Volume 34(1)
Samantha Jane Hepburn 
Deakin University - Deakin Law School 

 Public Participation in New Zealand's Regulatory Processes
"Public Participation in New Zealand’s Regulatory Processes" in Susy Frankel and Deborah Ryder (eds) Recalibrating Behaviour: Smarter Regulation in a Global World (LexisNexis, Wellington, 2013). , 
Mark J. Bennett and Joel I. Colón-Ríos 
Victoria University of Wellington - Faculty of Law and Victoria University of Wellington - Faculty of Law 

 Sovereignty and the Politics of Property
GlobalTrust Working Paper 10/2015
Eyal Benvenisti 
Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Law 

 Property and Secrecy
Amnon Lehavi 
Interdisciplinary Center Herzliyah - Radzyner School of Law 

 Meer Aandacht Voor Privacy in De Openbare Registers? (More Attention for Privacy in the Public Registers?)
NJB 2015/23, 1520-1527
Anna Berlee 
Maastricht University - Faculty of Law 

Negotiating Conduct and Compensation Agreements for Coal Seam Gas Operations: Developing the Queensland Regulatory Framework
(2014) 17 (1) Australasian Journal of Natural Resources Law and Policy 75-100
Laurence Boulle and Katherine A Curnow 
Australian Catholic University (ACU) and T.C. Beirne School of Law, The University of Queensland 

 The Concept of 'Home' in Relation to a Professional's Office, According to the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights
Social Economic Debates, 2015, Vol. 4, No. 1
Andreea Seucan 
Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies 

 The Analogy of Land Conflicts and Resettlement Schemes in Kenya
Antony Munene Kamakia 

 The Right to Not Be Excluded: Common Property and the Struggle to Stay Put
Bud Osborn (1999) ‘amazingly alive’ Hundred Block Rock, Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver, p. 10, 
Nicholas Blomley 
Simon Fraser University (SFU) - Department of Geography 

 Complex Industrial Uses, Community Engagement and Environmental Issues - Challenges of Planning for Ports in Queensland
Australian Environment Review LexisNexis, Forthcoming
Antra Hood and Matthew Roach 
Minter Ellison and 

 Queensland Releases New Coastal Hazard Mapping: Implications for Local Governments and Developers
Local Government Reporter, 2015
Andrea Noble and Matthew Roach 
Minter Ellison Lawyers, Rialto Towers and 

 The Palestinian Property Tax Law (Estate, Buildings and Lands)
Nidal Rashid Sabri 
Birzeit University 

From Registration of Deeds to Registration of Title: A History of Land Registration in Scotland
George L Gretton and Kenneth G C Reid, 'Land Registration' (Avizandum Publishing Ltd, Edinburgh; 2016 Forthcoming), Edinburgh School of Law Research Paper No. 2015/29
Kenneth Reid 
University of Edinburgh - School of Law 

 Ownership of Minerals in Situ in South Africa: Australian Darning to the Rescue?
The South African Law Journal, 2010
Pieter Badenhorst 
Deakin University - Deakin Law School 

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