Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Welcome guest blogger Itzchak Kornfeld

Another school year is upon us, and that means the return of monthly guest bloggers at Land Use Prof KornfeldBlog!  This academic year's first guest blogger will be Itzchak Kornfeld, who will blog for us throughout August (and, should he choose to do so, through September, as well).  Here is Itzchak's bio:

Itzchak is the Giordano Fellow in Transboundary Environmental Disputes at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  He earned a J.D. from Tulane, an LL.M. from Georgetown and a Ph.D./SJD from the Hebrew University. His research focuses on international environmental law with a concentration on issues related to water, land, and natural resources. He practiced law in Louisiana and Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  He has taught international environmental law, comparative property law (common law vs. civil law), international water law, coastal law, law of the sea, torts to land, oil & gas law, and public international law, among other subjects.  He blogs at and his research can be found at​.  Itzchak can be contacted via e-mail at kornfeld.itzchak <at>

Download Itzchak Kornfeld-CV - Mar 2015


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