Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hollywood...I'm ready for my close-up!

I know this matters almost exclusively as a matter of personal biography, but I have to share:  It turns out that Fox is about to start a sitcom series, The Grinder, starring Fred Savage (The Wonder Years) and Rob Lowe (80's heart throb) about.......wait for Boise........Idaho!  What?!  

When I moved to Boise after 15 years living in New York City and San Francisco, it seemed like I was moving to the end of the Earth.  But Boise is a lovely place, I've come to learn, and it seems Hollywood has found out, too.  Now, Hollywood has come calling and, perhaps, there is a cameo waiting for the law school--or yours truly?--in the coming months.  A Hollywood cameo for a land use that would be something!

Surely, you would watch, no?

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