Saturday, August 15, 2015

Boulder-White Clouds shows there are still bi-partisan solutions available to land use and environmental issues

The preservation of Idaho's Boulder-White Clouds as wilderness this month ranks as one of the great un-reported land use and environmental stories of the year.  Most of the major newspapers have covered the designation in passing.  This is remarkable, in my mind, for a very important reason:  the designation was a true bipartisan effort, over decades, in which today's very conservative Idaho congressional delegation aligned behind the proposed wilderness designation that a Democratic president could sign.  Granted, there had been concern that Obama might declare the area a national monument, but that should not belie the fact that a bipartisan solution was reached in Washington on an environmental issue in today's climate.  Such a result deserves to be celebrated.  Below is an excerpt from PBS, which is the best coverage I found outside of Idaho, detailing the bi-partisan effort.

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