Thursday, July 23, 2015

FREE! Updates on case law and regulatory developments related to land use and 1st Am, climate change, affordable housing, and NEPA

It turns out that the Land Use Institute, which was to be held later this month in concurrence with the ABA meeting in Chicago, has been postponed.  [Note:  the sharing economy panels will still be going on, so I will still be in Chicago for the ABA conference if anyone wants to meet up or, you know, hear me give my two cents on the sharing economy.]  

But with the other panels of the Land Use Institute postponed, that leaves me with about 50 pages of detailed memoranda I'd created as CLE handouts for my presentations at the event that will be too dated to use at a later time.   What to do?  I hate to see the information go to waste, so I thought I'd post the documents here--free!--for anyone who might find them of interest.   

The first document provides case briefs on the "top 10" cases since July 1, 2014 in (1) land use law and the First Amendment; (2) land use law and climate change; and (3) affordable housing and inclusionary housing law.  Here is the file:

Download Land Use Institute 2015 - Affordable Housing - Climate Change - First Amendment

The second document provides (1) an overview of federal law and policy related to climate change since July 1, 2014 and also (2) updates National Environmental Policy regulation and case law developments since July 1, 2014.

Download Land Use Institute 2015 - Climate Change and NEPA

I hope these documents prove of use to some of you out there and, as always, I welcome comments, especially on what I might have missed!  And don't be shy...I'd love a dialogue about any of this material either on the blog or by e-mail.

And come join us at the next Land Use Institute, which is now tentatively slated for ABA's next meeting in San Diego.

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