Monday, June 22, 2015

U Idaho Law clinic releases guide to funding private land conservation

I'm delighted to announce that my Economic Development Clinic here at the U of Idaho College of Law has just released Funding Conservation in Idaho: A Survey of Federal, State & Local Resources Assisting Conservation on Private Lands.   Funding Conservation in Idaho - COVER PAGE

Funding Conservation in Idaho, which was written in association with the Idaho Coalition of Land Trusts, is a guide to the most common funding resources available for conservation on private land in Idaho.  While this guide focuses on funding sources of particular use in the Gem State, it would like prove a useful starting point for others seeking to understand some of the major private land conservation funding sources that apply across the country.

Conservation funding sources discussed include: North American Wetlands Conservation Act; Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery F und; Partners for Fish and Wildlife Fund; Recovery Land Acquisition Grants; Land and Water Conservation Fund; National Fish Passage Program; Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation; Environmental Quality Incentives Program; Forest Legacy Program; the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program – Agricultural Land Easements; Agricultural Conservation Easement Program – Wetland Reserve Easements; Bonneville Power Administration – Wildlife Mitigation; Conservation Stewardship Program; Clean Water Act § 319 Funds; Boise City Foothills Levy; and Blaine County Land, Water and Wildlife Program. 

It is anticipated that this document will be updated and improved over time.  This was my first foray into the private lands conservation funding, and so I welcome comments on how to make it better from those with more experience.

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