Tuesday, April 14, 2015

USDOJ HUD housing enforcement attorney position

A good job for a houser...from the ABA listserv.


Trial Attorney

04/10/2015 04:35 PM EDT


Civil Rights Division (CRT)
Housing and Civil Enforcement Section
Washington, DC

Application Deadline: May 1, 2015

This is a reimbursable detail opportunity not to exceed 1 year. The detail may be extended if all parties are in agreement.

Responsibilities and Opportunity Offered: The responsibilities for the detailee selected under this announcement will include: (1) conducting investigations to assess possible violations of the civil rights statutes mentioned above, including conducting legal and factual research, interviewing witnesses, analyzing data and evidence, and making recommendations as to whether to bring enforcement litigation; (2) handling litigation (both pattern or practice and individual matters referred by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or other agencies) to redress violations of federal civil rights laws, including preparing legal briefs and memoranda, preparing and responding to discovery requests, conducting extensive document review, identifying and working with expert witnesses, preparing witnesses and participating in depositions, and developing and presenting the government's case in federal court; (3) preparing for and participating in settlement negotiations and mediation on behalf of the Department, 4) monitoring including preparing and negotiating the terms of proposed consent decrees; (and enforcing compliance with judgments and consent decrees; (5) recommending and reviewing private litigation for intervention or amicus participation; (6) conducting outreach to civil rights organizations, state and local governments, industry, and other stakeholders; (7) analyzing and preparing responses to inquiries from the public, testimony, legislative proposals and other written materials; and (8) coordinating as necessary in the execution of the above duties with United States Attorneys' Offices, HUD and other partner agencies.


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