Thursday, April 9, 2015

Idaho passes first-in-nation law preempting local government regulation of Uber

On Monday, Idaho's governor signed  a first-in-the-nation law fully preempting any local government regulation of ride-sharing companies, such as Uber.  This is terrible precedent; no other state has gone anywhere near this kind of override of local control as best I can tell (I welcome corrections, if I'm wrong).  Folks in other states with legislators who better understand the realities of the sharing economy should take note that this is a new tack by Uber, and oppose it.  

This approach confuses a pro-Uber law with a pro-markets law; the primary result of the Idaho law will be to put taxi companies out of business.  That's not choosing "freedom," that's altering the marketplace to favor one company.  

The Idaho law is clear of the new tack to fight regulation by the sharing economy:  move regulation at the state level, then capture the regulator and make it weak.  This move is as old as administrative law itself and should be fought vigorously in other states with more at stake.

Stephen R. Miller

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