Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Are Earth Day cookies an endangered species?

Happy Earth Day!  

I contemplated posting something serious about Earth Day and land use today.  But then, I began to think, you know, every day is Earth Day here at Land Use Prof Blog, and so I thought about what was really on my mind today.  And that is Earth Day cookies.  

Here is my plight:  I am teaching an Environmental Law survey class this semester and I wanted to buy Earth Day sugar cookies like the ones below.  I tried three grocery stores and came up empty handed.  In lieu of Earth Day cookies, my students received butterfly and tulip cookies, which was the best I could do from the local Whole Foods.  I seem to recall that these globe cookies were a staple of my Earth Day experience growing up and they used to be quite easy to get.  Have Earth Day cookies become an endangered species?  Are they hopelessly un-cool by now?  I certainly hope not; they are delicious.

[I'll get back to important topics tomorrow.]

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