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Land Use Law-Related Articles Posted on SSRN in February

Here are all the articles posted on SSRN  in February that self-identified as being land use law-related (search term "land use," time period "one month").



State Initiatives 
Global Climate Change and U.S. Law, Ch. 10, p. 303, 2014, Widener Law School Legal Studies Research Paper No. 15-05
David Hodas 
Widener University - School of Law 



Regulating the Underground: Secret Supper Clubs, Pop-Up Restaurants, and the Role of Law 
University of Chicago Law Review, Vol. 82, No. Dialogue, 2015
Sarah Schindler 
University of Maine - School of Law 



Land Use Exactions, Anti-Evasion, and Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District 
Michael B. Kent Jr. 
Campbell University - Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law 



Legislative Exactions after Koontz v. St. Johns River Management District 
Luke Anthony Wake and Jarod M. Bona 
National Federation of Independent Business and Bona Law PC 



What Will China Do When Land Use Rights Begin to Expire? The Evolution Toward Rule of Law in Real Estate 
Gregory M. Stein 
University of Tennessee College of Law 



Facing Down the So-Called Agenda 21 ‘Conspiracy’ Lessons for Planners 
Planning Magazine, February 2015, Widener Law School Legal Studies Research Paper No. 14-26
John C. Dernbach 
Widener University - School of Law 



First Principles for Regulating the Sharing Economy 
Stephen R. Miller 
University of Idaho College of Law - Boise 



Islam Incarcerated: Religious Accommodation of Muslim Prisoners Before Holt v. Hobbs 
Khaled A. Beydoun 
Barry University - Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law 



'A Tinge of Melancholy Lay Upon the Countryside': Agricultural Historic Resources within Contemporary Agricultural and Historic Preservation Law 
Virginia Environmental Law Journal, Vol. 33, No. 56, 2015
Jess R. Phelps 



Understanding Flood Risk Decisionmaking: Implications for Flood Risk Communication Program Design 
Resources for the Future Discussion Paper 15-01
Carolyn Kousky and Leonard Shabman 
Resources for the Future and Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University - Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics 



The Case for Evidence-Based Free Exercise Accommodation: Why the Religious Freedom Restoration Act Is Bad Public Policy 
Harvard Law & Policy Review, Vol. 9, 2015, Cardozo Legal Studies Research Paper No. 448
Marci A. Hamilton 
Cardozo Law School 



On Engineering Urban Densification 
Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Conference Journal, Vol. 4 (Forthcoming), George Mason Law & Economics Research Paper No. 15-06
Steven J. Eagle 
George Mason University School of Law 



How Local is Local?: A Response to Professor David B. Spence's The Political Economy of Local Vetoes 
Texas Law Review See Also, Vol. 93, pages 61-74, 2015
Joshua P. Fershee 
West Virginia University - College of Law 



Farmer's Response to Changing Climate in North East India 
De, U. K., Farmer’s response to changing climate in North East India, 2015, AIP Conference Proceedings, Malaysia, 1643, 30., 
U. K. De Sr. 
North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU) - Department of Economics 



Modeling the Effects of Land Use Change and Management Practices on Runoff and Sediment Yields in Fincha Watershed, Blue Nile 
OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development, Vol. 07, No. 11, pp. 75-88, 2014
Abdi Boru Ayana Desalegn Chemeda Edossa and Ekasit Kositsakulchai 
Oromia Bureau of Agriculture , Central University of Technology - Department of Civil Engineering and Kasetsart University - Department of Irrigation Engineering 



The Federal Emergency Management Agency: Floods, Failures, and Federalism 
Cato Institute Policy Analysis, No. 764, November 2014
Chris Edwards 
Cato Institute 



Economic Behavior, Market Signals, and Urban Ecology 
NBER Working Paper No. w20959
Joshua Abbott H. Allen Klaiber and V. Kerry Smith 
Arizona State University (ASU) , Ohio State University (OSU) - Department of Agricultural, Environmental & Development Economics and Arizona State University (ASU) - Economics Department 



Free Exercise in the Lobbying Nineties 
Nebraska Law Review, Vol. 84, p. 795, 2010
Brad Jacob 
Regent University School of Law 



How to Make America Walkable 
42 Real Est. L.J. 512 (Spring 2014), Touro Law Center Legal Studies Research Paper
Michael Lewyn 
Touro College - Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center 



Lenient in Theory, Dumb in Fact: Prison, Speech, and Scrutiny 
Northwestern Public Law Research Paper No. 15-08
David M. Shapiro 
Northwestern University School of Law 



More than Just a Housing Problem: Learning from Gawad Kalinga's Experience 
AKI Policy Brief, Volume III, No. 4, 2012
Raymund Basco Habaradas and Martin Lorenzo Aquino 
De La Salle University and De La Salle University 



Urbanization and Economic Development in Madhya Pradesh: Policy Implications for Sustainable Forest Management 
A. K. Singh, V. B. Gupta, Ram Kumar Jha (2013), “Urbanization and Economic Development in Madhya Pradesh: Policy Implications for Sustainable Forest Management”, Journal of Energy, Environment & Carbon Credits, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp. 22-30 (ISSN: 2249- 8621), 
A. K. Singh V. B. Gupta and Ram Kumar Jha 
Devi Ahilya University , Devi Ahilya University and CUTS International 



Water and Wastewater Infrastructure in the United States: The Clean Water-Energy-Climate Nexus 
Geo. Wash. Journal of Energy and Environmental Law 1-21 (Summer 2013)
Robert W. Adler 
University of Utah - S.J. Quinney College of Law 



Determining Rural Areas Vulnerable to Illegal Dumping Using GIS Techniques. Case Study: Neamț County, Romania 
13th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference on ECOLOGY, ECONOMICS, EDUCATION AND LEGISLATION, SGEM 2013 Conference Proceedings Vol 1 : 275-282,DOI:10.5593/SGEM2013/BE5.V1/S20.037 
Florin Constantin Mihai A. Ursu Pavel Ichim and Dan-Adrian Chelaru 
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University - Department of Geography , Alexandru Ioan Cuza University - Department of Geography , Alexandru Ioan Cuza University - Department of Geography and Alexandru Ioan Cuza University - Department of Geography 



From Litigation to Legislation in Exclusionary Zoning Law 
Harvard Civil Rights- Civil Liberties Law Review (CR-CL), Vol. 22, p. 623, 1987
Harold A. McDougall 
Howard University School of Law 



Pour une politique d'équilibre du territoire (For a Balance Territory Politic) 
Revue des Deux Mondes, May 1993
Gérard-François Dumont 
University of Paris 4 Sorbonne 



Comparing Three Life Cycle Impact Assessment Methods from an Endpoint Perspective 
Journal of Industrial Ecology, Vol. 19, Issue 1, pp. 20-26, 2015
Bo Weidema 
Aalborg University 



Shared Spatial Regulating in Sharing-Economy Districts 
Arizona Summit Law School Research Paper No. 2015-A-01
Michael N. Widener 
Arizona Summit Law School 



The Land Use Act and Land Ownership Debate in Nigeria: Resolving the Impasse. 
Akintunde Kabir Otubu 
University of Lagos - Faculty of Law

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