Thursday, March 12, 2015

Art in Rural Storefronts Project in Corvallis, OR a potential model for other rural communities


Another great project I learned about at the Stanford Bill Lane Center's Rural West Conference was the Art in Rural Storefronts Project, which was launched by the Arts Center in Corvallis, Oregon.  Here is how the Center described the Project:

Two locations in Sweet Home and one in Philomath will host contemporary art installations.

This exciting new exhibition opportunity arose this year via the Regional Development Initiative and SweetHome Economic Development. Part of The Arts Center’s mission is to serve Linn and Benton Counties by providing innovative, thought provoking art to the public. The goal for this project is to bring art to communities that currently do not have space for contemporary/non-commercial art, and at the same time attract renewed attention to the properties involved.

Three artists were selected to create installations in empty storefronts. The proposed artwork was required to be relevant to rural communities in Linn and Benton Counties. Once selected the artists refined their designs to the surroundings and history of Sweet Home and Philomath, as well as making them fit in the specific locations to which they were assigned. Andrew Myers and Gale Everett were selected for Sweet Home. Avantika Bawa’s project will be in Philomath at the old liquor store).

Above is an embedded radio show that discusses the project (minutes 22:00 through 28:00).  Some images of the projects below:





A really interesting project that, it seems, could be emulated in a lot of rural areas without high costs and potentially high community benefit.

Stephen R. Miller

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