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Welcome to our October guest bloggers, John Nolon and Jessica Bacher, from Pace's Land Use Law Center

We are delighted to have John Nolon and Jessica Bacher from Pace's Land Use Law Center as our guest bloggers for the month of October.

John R. Nolon is a Professor of Law at Pace Law School where he teaches property, land use, and John_Nolonsustainable development law courses and is the Founder of and Faculty Liaison to Law School's Land Use Law Center. He has been an Adjunct Professor at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies since 2001, where he developed a curriculum concentration of five land use courses. Professor Nolon served as the James D. Hopkins Professor from 2009-2011 and the Charles A. Frueauff Research Professor of Law during the 1991-92, 1997-98, 1999-2000, and 2000-01 academic years. He received the Richard L. Ottinger Faculty Achievement Award in 1999 and won the Goettel Prize for faculty scholarship in 2006. In 2009, he was awarded the National Leadership Award for a Planning Advocate by the American Planning Association. Professor Nolon received his J.D. degree from the University of Michigan Law School where he was a member of the Barrister's Academic Honor Society. He has served as a consultant to President Carter's Council on Development Choices for the 1980's, President Clinton's Council on Sustainable Development, New York Governor George Pataki's Transition Team, and Governor Elliot Spitzer’s Transition Team. He is a member of the Editorial Board of The Land Use and Environmental Law Review, published by Thomson-West. He is also on the New York Planning Federation's Advisory Council. Professor Nolon received a Fulbright Scholarship to study sustainable development law in Argentina in 1994-95 and has published over a dozen articles, chapters, and books on that subject.

Jessica Bacher is the Executive Director of the Land Use Law Center.  Established in 1993, the Land Jessics Bacher Use Law Center is dedicated to fostering the development of sustainable communities and regions through the promotion of innovative land use strategies and dispute resolution techniques. As the Executive Director, Ms. Bacher’s responsibilities include development and implementation of projects relating to local land use practice, distressed property remediation, transit-oriented development, sustainable communities, land use responses to sea level rise, and code enforcement, as well as providing strategic assistance to numerous municipalities. Most recently, she led the City of Newburgh, New York, in the development of a distressed property remediation implementation plan that focuses on  the creation of a land bank.  Additionally, Ms. Bacher serves as a trainer for the Center’s award-winning Land Use Leadership Alliance Training Program that has educated over 2,500 local leaders in land use strategies, consensus building, and regional stewardship.  Ms. Bacher also is vice-chair of the Land Use Planning & Zoning Committee for the American Bar Association’s Section of State and Local Government Law and chairs its Distressed Properties Sub-Committee. At Pace Law School, Ms. Bacher serves as adjunct professor, teaching Land Use Law, Sustainable Development Survey, and the Advanced Land Use and Sustainable Development Seminar. She also administers the Center’s academic programs and guides student research.  In addition, she is a guest lecturer and project supervisor at Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, where she manages the School’s Land Use Clinic. Ms. Bacher authors regular land use features in New York and national publications and has edited numerous small books in the fields of Land Use and Real Estate Law, including Breaking Ground and Planning and Building in Priority Growth Districts. She also presents at regional and national conferences and served on the New York State Sea Level Rise Task Force Legal Work Group. Ms. Bacher was selected by the American Bar Association to receive the Jefferson B. Fordham Award, an award presented to a young practitioner who has shown great promise through her contributions to the field. Ms. Bacher received her J.D. summa cum laude from Pace Law School in 2003, along with a certificate in Environmental Law. 

About the Land Use Law Center           

Established in 1993, Pace Law School’s Land Use Law Center is dedicated to fostering the development of sustainable communities through the promotion of innovative land use strategies and dispute resolution techniques.  Through its many programs, the Center offers land use professionals, attorneys, citizens, and real estate developers assistance that enables them to achieve sustainable development at the local and regional level.  Its activities provide opportunities for students of Pace Law School to gain in-depth, practical experience that allows them to become excellent practitioners serving private, public, and nongovernmental clients.

Through its programs, the Land Use Law Center offers extensive research and consulting services; conferences, seminars, and clinics; academic law school courses; practitioner training programs; continuing legal education programs; multimedia resources; and frequent publications on contemporary land use, real estate, and environmental issues.

The Center’s work is divided among three major programs:

  1. Its student-driven  Research & Innovation Program, which identifies solutions to cutting-edge land use issues for urban and suburban communities;
  2. Its Training Programs, including the Land Use Leadership Alliance (LULA) program, which leads the nation in educating local land use leaders in land use law and community decision-making;
  3. The Kheel Center on the Resolution of Environmental Interest Disputes, which focuses on environmental interest disputes of critical importance to communities, states, and regions that require innovative resolution strategies and forums.

The Land Use Law Center is one of many academic centers and programs of Pace Law School, including the Energy & Climate Center and the Center for Environmental Legal Studies, among others.

Welcome John and Jessica!

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