Monday, September 1, 2014

Willamette Law now offering summaries of Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals decisions and orders online

Jeff Litwak (Columbia River Gorge Comm'n) sends the following news:

Last month, Willamette Law Online began summarizing decisions and orders of the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals and making them available through its WLO subscription service.  WLO provides an email to the subscriber with generally well written summaries.  The link is  This is a terrific resource for folks nationally that are interested in Oregon’s unique land use system.  

I noodled around the website and it seems like a great resource, including links to opinions, as well as summaries.  The subscription service is a nice touch, too, as you don't have to remember to go and check the site--the summaries just appear in your inbox. 

Stephen R. Miller

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