Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Resilient Cities symposium edition essay highlights the work of a number of land use law scholars

Last spring, the Idaho Law Review hosted a symposium on urban resiliency for which I was the faculty advisor.  The accompanying symposium edition is soon to be released. 

I also wrote an introductory essay to the symposium edition, which is available here.  This symposium introduction essay reviews and highlights articles in the edition by Andrea McArdle, John Travis Marshall, Ryan Max Rowberry, Kellen Zale, Melissa M. Berry, Palma Joy Strand, Jeffrey B. Litwak, Christopher K. Odinet, and Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold. The essay also reviews presentations made at the symposium by Jonathan Rosenbloom, Keith Hirokawa, Tom Bergin, and Tom Wuerzer. 

The essay might be of interest to those looking for a starter on urban resiliency and, in particular, for a reference to a number of excellent articles that would prove fruitful for exploration.  Several of the full length articles from the symposium edition are already on SSRN (see here and here), and I'm sure the remainder will be available on SSRN soon.

Stephen R. Miller

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