Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Digging into the Detroit Blight Removal Task Force report

The NYT has a nice article today on the landmark blight study in Detroit--arguably the largest blight study ever--that recommends tearing down some 40,000 buildings.  The NYT article is here.

For the land use types that want to dig a little deeper, the report's recommendations summary is really fascinating, as it describes a variety of cutting edge approaches to blight, including everything from using a big data approach to mapping the blight and making it publicly available to the nuts and bolts of legal title, property tax reform, and beyond.  

The whole website of the Detroit Blight Removal Task Force is well worth a look.  For those like myself obsessed with big data's community empowering force in the land use context, be sure to play around with the mapping function.  And then there is this video, which almost makes land use planning look sexy:


Stephen R. Miller

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