Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Land Use Profs Fantasy League

Over the weekend, I was listening to the NPR quiz show "Wait wait ... don't tell me!" There is a segment on the show called "Bluff the Listener." The game involves the reading of three news stories. Like the old game of dictionary, the contestant tries to pick the one true story amidst the two fake stories. This week, I was immediately able to spot the true news story because I could tell immediately that it was something that would appeal to acadorks like myself. The story described a Fantasy football like league for economists. You get to draft your own ideal Econ department and choose your faculty. What you want, of course, are faculty who publish and get cited a lot. Perhaps even some metric of how often they speak at conferences or whether their ideas are adopted by policymakers should be thrown in.

I immediately wanted to form my own fantasy law school league (anyone want to start a website with me :)). Do you think we could add blogging to the metrics?

Well let's see if I just wanted to start with Land Use profs, it would be a no brainer. I want Patty Salkin and John Nolon on my team! Who would you put on yours? What metrics should we consider (please don't say SSRN downloads)? Of course, we see that we can game the system by citing our own team members to improve their rank ... another motivation to publish?

Game on!

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