Friday, November 1, 2013

Environment and Urbanization issues new edition on urban resiliency to climate change . . . and makes access free for 25 days!

From the press release...

The new edition of the journal Environment and Urbanization focuses on ways cities can increase their resilience to climate change.

To celebrate the journal’s 25th anniversary, its publisher Sage has made the new issue and all previous ones free to access for 25 days.

The following papers feature in the October 2013 issue:

The journal has also produced a page of links to 50 papers it has published on climate change and cities since 2007. All are free to download for 25 days.

"The ways that cities respond – or fail to respond – to the threats climate change poses will have big effects on the development prospects of entire nations," says the journal’s editor, Dr David Satterthwaite, a senior fellow at the International Institute for Environment and Development.

"Since 2007, Environment and Urbanization has sought to increase awareness of and attention to the challenges of adapting to climate change in cities in low and middle-income countries. The 50 papers we have published show that there is a much to learn from cities and low-income communities as they innovate and implement solutions that build their resilience."

Hat tip to my colleague, Anastasia Telesetsky, who forwarded this to me.

Stephen R. Miller

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