Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Call for Manuscripts for 2012 Zoning and Planning Law Report--Salkin

From Patricia Salkin, an opportunity to contribute to the Zoning and Planning Law Report:

Looking for manuscripts: Patricia Salkin is looking for manuscripts for the 2012 Zoning and Planning Law Report. This is a monthly practitioner-oriented newsletter published by Thomson-Reuters. Each issue features a substantive article on a land use law topic of interest to zoning and land use lawyers. Manuscripts should be 18-20 double spaced pages, national in scope and offer practical perspectives/advice to practitioners. This is a great opportunity to retool a law review article for a different audience or to use a piece for this publication as a building block to a future law review article. If you are interested in submitting a manscript or vetting an idea, please contact Salkin at

As she notes, it's a great opportunity to take an academic article and rework it into a more accessible piece to reach a broader audience.

Matt Festa

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