Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Congrats and blog farewell to Chad Emerson

I've been on travel the past couple of weeks, which gave me an excuse to put off doing something I haven't wanted to do: to tell you all that Chad Emerson will be leaving the Land Use Prof Blog. The good news is that Chad has accepted a really exciting land use job. He will be the permanent Director of the Department of Development for Montgomery, Alabama.

You may recall that Chad has spent most of this year moonlighting as interim director of planning & development for the City, after Ken Groves passed away. Not surprisingly, the City made Chad a permanent offer, and somehow persuaded him away from his teaching post at Faulkner.

One of the things that has awed me about Chad as a teacher and scholar is his ability to understand and communicate about development to an incredible level of expertise and detail, such as the project design work he does with his students in his Land Planning and Development seminar. So he'll be the perfect person to lead Montgomery toward a bright land use future. (You can follow his department on Facebook!) I suspect he'll stay plugged in to the academy too, and will be able to share a lot of insights with us from the Real World.

We're very grateful for the work that Chad has put into this blog since 2009, when we picked up the torch from blog founder Paul Boudreaux. Chad will be missed, but please congratulate him on his new gig. And at least we have his Faulkner colleage Adam MacLeod on board for the month!

Matt Festa

UPDATE: See Chad's characteristically gracious note in the comments. I know that we'll all be very interested to continue hearing about Montgomery and all of Chad's work towards better land use in American society.


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Thanks Matt for the kind words. One of my favorite roles in the academy was as a blogger here at Land Use Prof blog. You all have been great colleagues in the truest sense of the term.

Leaving the academy was, quite simply, the hardest decision I ever made. Since starting at Faulkner in 2003, it has been a pure joy to work with the world's best Dean and inspiring students. Add in several great colleagues at Faulkner, and it was a great run.

Life is linear, though, and with that reality comes the fact that new challenges will always present themselves. The opportunity to serve as the first ever Director of Development for the City of Montgomery--a city whose redevelopment is quickly become a national model for similarly-sized cities--was too unique, challenging, and interesting to pass up.

I'll miss SEALS, students, and this blog as much as anything. Thanks to everyone I've met throughout the academy. Your influence has made me a better teacher and person.

Please follow us on Facebook as we seek to innovatively use land use policy and regulations to revitalize one of the nation's most historic cities.

Thanks. Chad.

Posted by: Chad Emerson | Oct 4, 2011 8:13:09 PM