Thursday, September 22, 2011

More on Vermont Law & Irene

Immediately after Hurrican Irene hit Vermont I blogged a bit about the situation at Vermont Law here and here.  Now the Vermont Law folks have posted their own account of the storm and the excellent response of the students and the South Royalton community in the aftermath.  I'm particularly proud of the response of Vermont's Land Use Clinic (which I consider a sister institution to Georgia's LUC).

Completing the paperwork for federal assistance or insurance claims can be a daunting task for anyone, let alone for residents traumatized by losing their most cherished possessions or having pieces of their home swept downriver. Many victims of Irene also didn't have computers or phone lines available to do so. That's where the VLS Land Use Clinic and the South Royalton Legal Clinic stepped in.

Just three days after the storm hit, the clinics started to help residents file FEMA's required paperwork or refer them to attorneys for legal help. The Land Use Clinic aided 25 residents in the first two weeks after the flood, said Kat Garvey, a staff attorney and assistant professor. The clinic was staffed by 30 students who volunteered their time, along with 10 faculty and staff members. Its doors will be open six hours a day for six days a week until the end of September.

I know everyone in LU Prof blog world wishes the folks in South Royalton (and everywhere damaged by the storm) the best of luck in their recovery. (Thanks to Christine Cimini for the heads up to the web story.)

Jamie Baker Roskie

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