Friday, August 26, 2011

Urbanology: On-Line Urban Planning Game

This might be fun for students:  the BMW Guggenheim Lab has posted the on-line urban planning game Urbanology.  Answer 10 questions to find your future city (based on your decisions on issues like converting an affordable housing block into a hotel and allowing startup companies to pay less than minimum wage). My future city was most like Toronto, maybe because I would allow the local college to build a 50 story dorm.

Jamie Baker Roskie

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This game was frustrating because the yes-or-no answers do not allow for multiple policy options. For example, I opposed the adoption of laws regulating specific types of energy-wasteful activity -- not because I oppose energy conservation, but because I don't think that the effective way to do so is to pick and choose "acceptable" conduct through the regulatory process. I didn't want to regulate sports stadia and airports, for example. Why these? Because we think that they are "luxuries"? This is a regulatory process that is bound to fail. As for my "chosen" city, although I was perhaps hoping for some nice place like Munich or Vancouver, my city was Chicago (“the city that works”)!

Posted by: Paul Boudreaux | Aug 29, 2011 8:38:07 AM