Thursday, August 4, 2011

National Trust Weighs in on Saving UGA Dorm

Turns out we're in the middle of a national historic preservation controversy right here at University of Georgia.  The University Architects' office has proposed to tear down Rutherford Hall, a women's dorm built in 1939. (Full disclosure - my husband used to work for the University Architect, and still does some space planning consulting for the University.)  The University plans to build a bigger dorm, in a similar style, on the spot, citing the expense of rehabilitating the old building.  Not surprising, historic preservaton advocates are not happy.  Generaly, the University has a pretty good reputation of preserving older buildings on campus, and has won several awards for historic preservation, so I'm a bit surprised they're not being cut more slack on this.  Now, the National Trust for Historic Preservation has weighed in, asking University President Michael Adams to save the building.  It will be interesting to see how this turns out now that it's getting national attention.

Jamie Baker Roskie

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