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2020 View of Urban Infrastructure: The Urban Lawyer's Juergensmeyer Festschrift

This exciting issue of The Urban Lawyer came in the mail recently, and I didn't get a chance to blog it when it came in, but it's chock full of great articles as well as a fitting tribute to one of the leaders in our field.  The articles start at the citation 42 Urban Law. 1 (Winter 2011).  It's a longish list but there are so many interesting contributions.  From "A 2020 View of Urban Infrastructure: A Festschrift Symposium in Honor of Julian Conrad Juergensmeyer, on the Occasion of his 45th Year of Teaching Law":

Infrastructure Planning


  • Patricia E. Salkin, From Bricks and Mortar to Mega-Bytes and Mega-Pixels: The Changing Landscape of the Impact of Technology and Innovation on Urban Development
  • Arthur C. Nelson, Reforming Infrastructure Financing with 2020 Vision
  • Robert W. Burchell, Matthew S. Crosby, & Mark Russo, Infrastructure Need in the United States, 2010-2030: What is the Level of Need? How Will it be Paid For?


  • Catherine L. Ross, Bruce Stiftel, Myungje Woo, & Arthi Rao, Measuring Regional Transportation Sustainability: An Exploration
  • Edward H. Ziegler, Sustainable Urban Development and the Next American Landscape: Some Thoughts on Transportation, Regionalism, and Urban Planning Law Reform in the 21st Century
  • Thomas G. Pelham, Transportation Concurrency, Mobility Fees, and Urban Sprawl in Florida


  • Fred Bosselman, The Future of Electricity Infrastructure


  • James Bross, Sewers: Infra Dig and Infra Dug
  • Dwight H. Merriam, The Last Thing That Planners Talk About Should Be the First
  • Colin Crawford, Wastewater Resources: Rethinking Centralized Wastewater Treatment Systems, Land Use Planning and Water Conservation

Social Infrastructure

  • James A. Kushner, Affordable Housing as Infrastructure in the Time of Global Warming
  • Juli Ponce, Affordable Housing as Urban Infrastructure: A Comparative Study from a European Perspective
  • Michael Prieur, Draft Convention on the International Status of Environmentally-Displaced Persons
  • Janice C. Griffith, Green Infrastructure: The Imperative of Open Space Preservation

Infrastructure and Property Rights

  • David L. Callies, Mandatory Set-Asides as Land Development Conditions
  • Rachelle Alterman, The U.S. Regulatory Takings Debate Through an International Lens
  • Michael Bothe, Property Rights and Local Zoning v. Nature Protection: Some Comparative Spotlights
  • Craig M. Call, Resolving Land Use and Impact Fee Disputes: Utah’s Innovative Ombudsman Program

Future Directions

  • Ellen Margrethe Basse, Urbanization and Growth Management in Europe
  • Jerry Weitz, The Next Wave in Growth Management
  • Julian C. Juergensmeyer & James G. Nicholas, Loving Growth Management in the Time of Recession

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