Saturday, June 4, 2011

CNU 19 Liveblog

As many of you know, and hopefully some were able to attend, the Congress for the New Urbanism held CNU 19 over the past four days in Madison.  I've seen a lot of interesting reports from the conference on Facebook (CNU is my "friend"!). 

If you couldn't go--or even if you did--there is a great resource in the CNU 19 Liveblog.  It recaps a lot of the interesting events and has some good links.  Some of the highlights include:

  • Former Mayor (and current CNU Prez/CEO) John Norquist's view of Milwaukee
  • Incremental Urbanism
  • Ed Glaeser's plenary on his new book, Triumph of the City
  • Pedestrians and Cyclists
  • Reports on the various tours
  • Urban Stormwater discussion
  • Conservatives and the CNU
  • Tactical Urbanism
  • Link to the livestream video of the closing plenary with Andres Duany and Charles Waldheim

Good stuff there, and more at the CNU main website.

Matt Festa

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