Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yoga and Water

Those of you who follow this blog closely might have noticed that, in addition to land use law, I have an interest in contemplative practices such as yoga and meditation.  Very occasionally, those two interests overlap.

This month, Yoga Journal focuses on water issues.  In addition to the "Fluid Nature" sequence of yoga postures and the "Drink it In" water meditation, which are available on-line, there are also some articles on water quality, water consumption, overfishing, and other human impacts on the acquatic environment.  Unfortunately, the latter information isn't available on the Yoga Journal website, only in the print edition.

It makes sense that folks who are interested in better self care are also interested in caring for their environment.  More deeply than that, yoga and meditation teachings focus on the fact that we are not separate from each other, or from the natural world, and so what we do to our environment we do to ourselves.  How that relates to land use law is a bit more tangential - yogis and mindfulness practitioners tend to focus an individual ethical code involving on "right effort" and individual action more than on law and regulation. Still, sometimes it's interesting to examine the intersection of the two world views.

Jamie Baker Roskie


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