Friday, March 25, 2011

More on Maps and NYC's grid turns 200.

Thanks to Jim's posting on Sanborn maps I started poking around at old maps and found a well-executed program in which The New York Times superimposes John Randel's 1811 proposed grid of Manhattan (200 years old), with an 1836 map of Manhattan, with the modern day layout of Manhattan.  The program is packed with information including, historic census data for 1910, 1940, 1970, and 2000.  Some of the results are surprising.  For example, many of the census districts dropped dramatically in population from 1910 to 2000 (my old stomping ground on Prince & Mulbury had a population of 15,419 in 1910 and only 4,884 in 2000).  The population increases from 1910 to 2000 in the census districts north of the Upper West Side and upper Manhattan. 

Have a good weekend.

Jon Rosenbloom

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