Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More ALPS, plus "Designing Tomorrow"

A couple of us have mentioned with eager anticipation the ALPS (Association for Law, Property, & Society) conference coming up this weekend.  In only its second year, ALPS has quickly become the conference for property scholars; as I told my students today, all of the cool property profs will be there (they thought the phrase "cool property profs" was an oxymoron, but I insist that it's actually a redundancy).  The final program is posted here

Chad suggested that we try to get together with anyone who's available on Friday or Saturday night.  Sounds great to me, so if you are interested, feel free to email one of us or just link up at the conference.

Another thing that I've mentioned is how much I am looking forward to the chance to visit the National Building Museum, and their current featured exhibition Designing Tomorrow: America's Worlds Fairs of the 1930s.  Anyone who studies land use knows how much of an impact that Worlds Fairs have had on Americans' ideas about city planning, architecture, technology, and the shape of our communities.  The National Building Museum is only a few blocks' walk from the Georgetown University Law Center, where the ALPS conference is being held.  So I'm trying to find a good time to sneak over there (which is difficult, because there are so many great panels to attend!).  If you are interested in checking it out, let me know.

I leave Thursday morning so . . . see you at ALPS!

Matt Festa

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