Thursday, March 10, 2011

Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) Announces Charter Awards

Some very thoughtful projects have been named CNU's Charter Award Winners.  The big winner was "South Coast Rail Economic Development & Land Use Corridor Plan" by Goody Clancy in Boston, MA (see image below).  The plan provides for "economic development opportunities and smart growth land use strategies" in Southeastern Massachusetts (Fall River, New Bedford area) and is well worth a glance.

Another one of my personal favorites is "Strategies for Sustainable Skaneateles" in upstate New York submitted by the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture.  The 181-page report is thorough, provides analysis at several levels (from the region to the town to the neighborhood to the street), and includes a good illustration of form-based codes.

The winners will be recognized at the 19th annual CNU conference in Madison, Wisconsin on June 2nd.  Congrats!

Jon Rosenbloom

Reproduced courtesy of Goody Clancy

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