Monday, February 21, 2011

The Scourge That is Robert Mugabe...

Long known (and deservedly so) as one of the most brutal dictators to ever live, Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's sociopathic scourge of a president, also has a strong land use connection.

In particular, Mugabe has implemented a crony-based land redistribution policy since taking power decades ago that, rather than seeking to convey property to the poor Zimbabweans that he claims are the focus, actually redistributes most of the land to the country's corrupt elite. 

I've used a discussion of his acts as the basis for an always interesting Property I discussion on land acquisition issues.

Now, there is a new tool that warrants watching if you are interested in these issues (or just a student of history and want to know more about the evil that is Robert Mugabe).  It's called "Mugabe and the White African"--a documentary that is raking up a host of awards.

I watched it this afternoon and found it extremely compelling, especially from a land use and redistribution perspective.

Chad Emerson

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