Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Break...

I know many people snicker at James Howard Kunstler but I generally find his commentary on how we must revert to more walkable and mass transit-oriented communities in response to the ongoing depletion of "easy to get" oil (peak oil theory) to be very informative.

JHK recently did an interesting interview with The Nation.  You can view it here.

Chad Emerson

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Chad -

I find Kuntsler Cassandra-esque, but I do enjoy his hilarious commentary on modern growth patterns. He's come to Athens to do his schtick a few times, and I love his juxtaposition of a 19th century prison in Pennsylvania (?) with a 20th century school in Las Vegas. "We used to make prisons that looked like schools, now we make schools that look like prisons!"

I also love the "Eyesore of the Month"

Thanks for sharing.


Posted by: Jamie Baker Roskie | Jan 31, 2011 6:11:54 AM