Thursday, November 11, 2010

Venne on Property Rights and Democracy in Oregon

Patrick J. Venne has posted his paper Out of Bounds: Reconciling Private Property Rights and Democracy in Oregon.  The paper is about urban growth boundaries in Oregon.  From the intro:

Urban growth boundaries are tools of urban containment applied to curb the otherwise natural outward sprawl of cities into the countryside--an unattractive stretch of physical structures that has economic as well as environmental costs. UGBs are implemented literally as physical boundaries outside of which urbanized development is for all intents and purposes largely banned. For many reasons, some obvious and others not, such devices have been received with mixed fanfare and in some instances have been highly contested.

While you're at it, check out Patrick's blog, Mainely Urban, focusing on urban development and land use planning in Maine and nationally.  From Portland OR to Portland ME!  It's a really informative and nice-looking blog with lots of great pictures and visuals.    

Matt Festa

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