Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Mother of All...Traffic Jams?

I kind of hate it when writers blithely attach "The Mother of..." label to the front of something that seems, while significant, hardly unprecedented.

The Mother of This...The Mother of That...The Mother of All [Insert].  These days, way too many events are undeservedly given this once-revered title of exaggeration.

This instance, though, does not fall into that category of maternal hyperbole:

A traffic jam stretching more than 60 miles in China has entered its ninth day with no end in sight, state media reported. Cars and trucks have been slowed to a crawl since August 14 on the National Expressway 110, which is also known as the G110, the major route from Beijing to Zhangjiakou, Xinhua News reported.

Officials expect the congestion to continue until workers complete construction projects on September 13, the report said.

Is this even possible? A month long traffic jam.

I mean, at some point, doesn't something like this evolve beyond simply being called a traffic jam.  

Either something is being lost in the telling of the story or we need a new term for this type of epochal vehicular standstill. 

Readers...any ideas?

--Chad Emerson, Faulkner U.

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