Friday, August 20, 2010

Hirokawa on Green Building

Prof. Keith Hirokawa has published an excellent article in Lewis & Clark Law School's Environmental Law, the nation's oldest law review dedicated to environmental issues. The article is titled "At Home with Nature: Early Reflections on Green Building Laws and the Transformation of the Environment," and is available at Volume 39, Number 3, at pp. 507-75. Prof. Hirokawa serves as an assistant professor at Albany Law School and is one of the leading scholars of the green building movement. His article examines its evolution, identifying two distinct parallels. The article goes beyond a mere description of the movement, however, in that it explores the relationship between the goals and methods of green building's laws. Consumers, the construction industry, and regulators are identified as important actors in the green building legal marketplace, ultimately making it a special one because of its transformative, pluralistic approach.

Will Cook, Charleston School of Law

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